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The Lishou brand came up around 2011 with the Lishou slimming capsules. It was introduced as a more saver supplement for weight loss, due its 100% natural ingredients. So it can be taken as a direct competitor and alternative to LiDa Daidaihua. Just a few months after the Lishou Slimming Pill release the FDA did a chemical analysis which found out that a Lishou Slimming Pilll contains 20mg of Sibutramine.
Beside the Lishou Slimming Pills the Lishou brand released a new product called Lishou Slimming Coffee in 2015. Just like the Lishou slimming capsules, this product is also promoted as a 100% natural and healthy product for weight loss which is in fact a new Sibutramine based fat-burner. This was discovered by the FDA back in 2015 just a few weeks after its release. A pack of dried Coffee contains 20mg of Sibutramine which is the same concentration as a capsule of Lishou.
All in all it is to say that all Lishou products are undeclared Sibutramine based products which are potent but risky as well.

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It belongs to the most popular fat burners till today. LiDa is manufactured in China and came into the market in 2003 as a German based salesman starts to sell it on the internet as a natural slimming pill. In 2007 his business was shut down due a German laboratory found out that a prescription required substance called Sibutramine was also included in that LiDa slimming pill.

The primary effect is an increase of noradrenaline and serotonin which triggers and increase of the heart beat, body temperature and suppression of feeling hungry. A second effect is a light euphoric mood which is the reason why Sibutramine was originally developed as an anti-depressive in 1988. All these effects resulting in similar side effects like high blood pressure, restlessness, upset stomach and headache which are mainly caused by an increased heart beat and body temperature.
Every LiDa Daidaihua capsule contains 22mg of Sibutramine which is 7mg more than the strongest Sibutramine pill of the official brands Meridia or Reductil. In 2010 Sibutramine was withdrawn from the markets like USA, Europe and India caused by several serious side effects which also include a risk increase of getting heart attacks or strokes.
Nevertheless, LiDa Daidaihua is still marketed on countless shady online shops and pharmacies as a natural and risk-free slimming and fitness supplement.