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Posted by: Robert
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Hello again,
some messages reached me from scammed customers which purchased their fat-burners from several online shops but never received their orders. Well, that's a sad thing but it is not very clever from a customer to trust an unknown online shop. This is a common problem especially in the supplement/pharmaceutical market and not easy to solve due every shop says he the best. Some months ago I found a website which gives it's users the possibility to write and get reviews of online pharmacies and supplement -shops.

Their list has about 60 shops and every shop has about 3-10 reviews which are about 3 to 18 months old and written by other customers. These reviews and shared experiences improving the transparency of an online shop. Sure experiences by other customers are not the experiences which you maybe have, due, almost everything can happen at any time but it reduces the risk significantly of getting scammed by a shady online shop owner. But this is not everything this platform has to offer, besides the reviews of online pharmacy and supplement shops, there are also numerous drugs which can be reviewed as well. This could help a customer which to pick to treat his or her particular condition. In our cases (fat-burners) the interesting products would be Sibutramine and Phentermine.
Another feature which is worth to mention is the price comparison engine.The prices of every active agent and brand can found and compared. If an offer matches the own criteria the selling online shop can be chosen (pick the best reviewed one) and a solid and save shopping experiences can be made.

Hope that helps